Monday, October 06, 2008


Been looking out for a SingTel set for over a month now. Got another unit for Yvonne. Her sole reason to get an Iphone as well is because of jiggling icons(I kid you not).
Worked my way to jailbreak the updated 2.1 firmware with Cydia. It was really sweet to get Nmap and Metasploit running on the Iphone. Had to resort to GMDL to pre-download Google Maps to be viewed offline since data plans here are stupid. A-GPS is alright. The MAME emulator is great. The Lightsaber App was such a blast. The accelerometer had a big part in that. With MS Exchange support, I got Accenture's email account configured on the Iphone. This will increase my mobility at work which is awesome.

the boxes
                                       The boxes






Yvonne said...

yayyyay! *kisses*

Wan said...

nice dude, you got the iphone at last heh. still on the mind getting the mbp? i suggest you wait for their next release..since theres an issue on nvidia 8 series gpu (unless you opt for intel gma integrated gpu), not to forget its still using previous intel platform as now its montevina (centrino 2) season.

anyway, enjoy with the phone. i see what have you done there :P

devtar said...

love you dear.
haha. yea...finally....Owh thats great, i have been eying on the new mbp and they've just released the news that there will be the launching on Oct 14 '08. Thanks for the tip dude.

piju said...

this is so cool
nmap, metasploit on iPhone!