Friday, October 10, 2008

The economic state

With the global economic fiasco, it made me wonder what it would be like if this thin fabric of financial stability collapses. The Cuban's have suffered an artificial Peak Oil which resulted in a total economic collapse. That made them shift towards a resource based economy which is inspiring. They worked closely with the environment and managed to be a self sustaining nation.

Taking two schools of thought with Milton Friedmans's view on economic freedom, I am appalled with how the existing monetary systems backbone which is the US Federal Reserve grew into a general malaise. This isn't what Adam Smith advocated in The Wealth of Nations.

The Venus Project seems like a viable option but it does present various challenges to be accepted with society today. With its emphasis of a quantum technological leap, it also scrapes the notion of religion. Society has been interwoven with religion for centuries which has shaped mankind today.

I am optimistic as even with the economic decay brought by the perverse notion of scarcity which is apparent with the impending Peak Oil, society would shift into a different light as the current fallacies become obvious.

The GNU community is a great example of how a resource based economy would transpire. The Cathedrial and the Bazaar is a great read on how the GNU community functions and pushes forward which is analogues to a bazaar.


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