Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wardriving )(

Went out Wardriving earlier with my girl. It was a Saturday night and we needed to get out. It was either this or smacking my head with either a stone or a chisel (kinda symbolic with respect to where we are). Got the car hooked up for the drive. The 9db antenna was mounted at the back. There's one thing I have to point out is that with a 500mW Alfa(RTL8187) wireless adapter, being in close proximity with the antenna can seriously mess you up(ex: headaches,nausea). Which is why the antenna is mounted outside. Got my power inverter powered on in case the battery gives up. Took a few snaps with my Nikon for shits and giggles. We didn't expect this municipality to have that many access points powered up on a Saturday night. We drove up to a few spots before ending the session. All in all, more than 60 access points were found which I found pretty darn impressive for an area where Google dosen't give a crap about to map out in Google Maps. What makes it scary besides the open access points found is that more than 40 of the access points detected are on 64-bit WEP keys.

Wardriving pic 1
Setting up the wireless adapter

Where the laptop would reside. Power Inverter located below the seat.

Backseat Layout (Didn't really use the Pringles Bluetooth Directional Cantenna)

My girl helping me out to monitor the results

Airodump-NG in action


Zaid said...

dude, clean up ur laptop!!
baru smart amik gambar ngan laptop tercinta when ur in action! =P

ein said...

hey hey! didn't know u had a blog :)

Anonymous said...

Got any access point?