Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Intel Wireless Adapter MAC Addresses Changer

A while back when i was serious about WarDriving, I was constantly using both my built-in IPW2200 and the Alfa wireless adapter. On *nix env, ifconfig $INTERFACE hw ether $ADDRESS would be sufficient enough. I was having issues with the RTL8187 driver on Gentoo at that time and resorted to WarDriving on Windows. The only alternative for the Windows platform available was a tool called SMAC from the guys at klcconsulting. Unfortunately, to seriously use this software you'd have to pay for it. As any random disgruntled individual would do, I whipped up my own tool.

Macchanger is a Windows based command line tool to change the MAC address of Intel based wireless adapters. It was coded in C++ and the program can be downloaded from here. Development for it stopped with it's basic features. It also has been patched for use in Windows Vista(thanks to Hazwan for informing me about the bug). If there is a substantial demand or interest in this tool, I may implement a MAC address randomization feature(notice option 5?). Do take note that the wireless adapter has to be switched on for it to function.

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