Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010 Talk in UTM

The talk was scheduled on the 27th of March at University Technology Malaysia (Skudai, Johor). The crowd turnout was a great as they were enthusiastic about the topic at hand. Looking forward to a growing number of local students participating in GSoC 2010. Pictures of the talk are attached below.

                  Introduction about the program by the students

                              Setting up for the presentation

                              The crowd - 1

                              The crowd - 2

Faculty lecturer sharing her thoughts on working throughout students schedules

                              Group photo



Hazwan said...

Nice to see this event and their initiative to encourage their students to join gsoc. Those fellas must be lucky to get assist such as study planning (schedule) and moral support from their lecturer . Hope to see more uni participate.

Too bad tho during our time, we kinda lack of this kind of event exposed.

Anyway dude, good to see some updates! :)

Shahana said...

Did you give any presentation too

devtar said...

Yes I did

karen fajardo said...

hi there. are you having any event this year? thanks :)