Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bluetooth Sniffer idea for Google Summer of Code 2009

As for the impending Google Summer of Code program this year, UmitBT is pushing towards a new bold direction with the Bluetooth Sniffer idea. We intend to extend UmitBT's functionality by integrating Bluetooth protocol sniffing capabilities. Bluetooth protocol sniffing would allow users to monitor Bluetooth traffic to understand their Bluetooth spectrum in an indepth manner. Currently, Bluetooth protocol sniffing is available through costly hardware and software packages. This idea would allow users to sniff Bluetooth packets and display it in an intuitive manner similiar to Wireshark. Considerations for this idea are:

* Integrated into UmitBT
* Sniffing capability should be multi-platform.
Implementation may vary.
* Understanding of PyBluez and LightBlue.
* May require intermediate knowledge on Bluetooth firmwares

The impact of this idea is vastly significant to the community as this would be the first open source implementation of Bluetooth protocol sniffing. Students would be apart of making history with us besides a cool USD$4,500 for 4 months of implementation work, a t-shirt, an invaluable certificate from Google and a mystery book. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck.







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