Friday, December 26, 2008

Buffalo Linkstation

I've had a home media centre setup with the PS3 and TwonkyVision before. The problem is that there is a discrete bug with the ipw2200 wireless driver which caused my Belkin N1 to heat up a lil. Imagine after a hard days work banging the keyboard away just the get Twonky setup right on a Gentoo machine to watch that one episode of The Office US. With that, I sought after a Network-attached Storage or an NAS. Thanks to Zaid's recommendation, I went out to purchase a 1TB Buffalo Linkstation.

I was concerned about the built-in torrent client and Pvconnect Media Server. The torrent client's web interface is pretty fluid but since im with TM's Streamyx, Protocol Encryption is essential. So i've started borking away the NAS by firstly getting SSH in there. With ACP Commander, I was able to Telnet into this 400MHz ARM-9 based to enabled the sshd daemon. Surprisingly the apt-get binary file was "hidden" but regardless, it doesn't work. Tried compiling rtorrent but there was an ncurses library error. There are alternatives such as OpenLink and FreeLink but I didn't wanna go too far with it. With FreeLink, its possible to get either rtorrent or Transmission on it which supports PE. Do drop me an email/comment if there are any suggestions to this stumbling block.

With that hanging in limbo, I started looking into Pvconnect. I had purchased TwonkyVision before and am happy with it. A quick port scan revealed that port 9050 led me to configuration page of TwonkyVision. Hell yea!!! Screenshots as follows.

                                       Buffalo Linkstation Live 1TB


                                      TwonkyVision Configuration Page


Zaid said...

the torrent part, it can be done, but too risky.

i try to find alternative solution on that.

so just wait.

certainly don't wanna lose up the twonky licensed.. right?

Zaid said...