Sunday, August 10, 2008

UmitBT 0.7RC1

                The video above shows UmitBT0.7RC1 in action.

    UmitBT is a GUI based Bluetooth device scanner which does manufacturer detection. With UmitBT, not only are you able to probe for Bluetooth enabled devices, but also perform Service Discovery scans and identify the device based on the manufacturer of the device. The devices are then mapped out graphically based on the devices manufacturer.UmitBT is a branch of Umit and a product of GSoC 2008.

To obtain the svn branch of UmitBT(currently at 0.7RC1):
svn co UmitBT

UmitBT0.7RC1 for Windows
UmitBT0.7RC1 bzip2 source distribution

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