Friday, March 28, 2008

Updates on d3vscan Alpha 8 release.

    d3vscan Alpha 8 is now scheduled for release sometime next week. This is a major release with significant changes as follows:
1. The beta version of the Neural Network optimized OS detection plugin(non-windows). Zaid's has a blog post about his achievement here.
2. The beta version of OSVDB based vulnerability scanner plugin
3. A unified Windows installer for d3vscan. Installing d3vscan on Windows would merely be a few mouse clicks away. Ondrej played a big role in this.
4. A Gentoo ebuild for d3vscan will be on the portage tree by next week.
5. Several d3vscan bugfixes.

    The d3vscan website has also been redesigned again. It has been stripped down and based solely on HTML. We are aware that the previous website loads really slowly and that was the primary issue we wanted to address. Not only that, the CMS used had an issue of formatting foreign code(Javascript) which caused amok with Google Adsense . I am looking into Drupal CMS for the long run and this website will do for now.

                                             New d3vscan website screenshot

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Anonymous said...

I'm almost doing this as my final project. But suddenly my lecturer tell me that i can't do it because it is too easy... I say wtf are too easy... does she realize what she said...