Tuesday, February 26, 2008

d3vscan gets recognized

     d3vscan initially made some headway after being featured on the Umit Project Page (thanks Adriano). Upon being accepted into Freshmeat, Google searching d3vscan sure does yield some results. Even Packet Storm has featured d3vscan. I would like to thank everyone involved with the d3vscan project for getting us thus far. It feels awesome to get some recognition after working on this for months. I am aware that d3vscan is still in Alpha and there is so much work pending but this pat on the back is a morale booster for the team.

     Zaid will be working on the new d3vscan project website. The caching issue on sourceforge is messy (we tried mounting a /tmp/presistent/) for our CMS. We'll try to retain the similar design for the new website. We do apologize for the slow access time encountered by our users.

                                        d3vscan on Packet Storm

                                        d3vscan project page traffic

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